Finally Winning Obesity Fight With The Help of Nutrisystem

Fitness has always been an important part of who I am. Ever since my childhood, I have always been involved in some sort of physical activity or other. But this hasn’t been the case for me for the past three years. Three years back, I got into a serious car accident and severely injured both my legs. I was under medical observation for a week and got off my wheelchair only a year ago. Before I reveal my secret Nutrisystem discount code let me start with my story.

The frustration of not being able to walk on my own and seeing my body gradually lose all its shape was the hardest thing I ever had to do. All this anger and depression got me binge eating more and more. Slowly I went from looking like a fit 23-year-old man to a 38-year-old bitter man who had given up on life. The more I would be bummed about my looks, the more I tended to eat my feelings. This went on for a good one and a half years until that one day when my girlfriend told me how pathetic I had become and told me she would leave me if I didn’t get my life together. That was the day I promised myself and her I would bring changes to my lifestyle and go back to being the old-fitness-fanatic me. However, this was going to be a tough challenge for me since I have restricted movement and a lot of weight to lose.

Researching different diet plans was hard

So after spending some hours on the internet, I came across Nutrisystem Diet Plan. Nutrisystem seemed different than any other diet program I had ever come across. So basically, instead of having the fast food that I usually did which costs about $15 per meal, I had to spend $8-$11 a day for all 6 meals! I went through their website and even read a lot of other users’ articles to convince myself to hop on to Nutrisystem. Plus, I got a great deal on my very first order when I searched for Nutrisystem coupon codes and used the 40 off deal found here.

Nutrisystem Transformation Achieved in One Month

My journey with Nutrisystem starts

I started my Nutrisystem journey on the 12th of March, 2014. I signed up for the Core Plan which allowed me to include 100 additional food items to my monthly package. I talked to their customer support on the phone. Their phone lines are always available 24/7 for any support or counseling that you need. So if you have any trouble deciding your meal plan, you can always call them. I love their customer service; they are well trained and beneficial.

My first month, I strictly stuck to Nutrisystem and only had their food. This allowed me to lose 11 pounds. I couldn’t work out, and my only exercise was getting in the swimming pool for physiotherapy. The results truly amazed me because I wasn’t expecting to lose more than 5lbs a month. But the amazing results continued as I kept on losing about 2 pounds each week. I kept following the Nutrisystem Core Plan and rarely ate fast food or anything unhealthy. I was also saving a lot of money not only by not spending money on fast food but also by using all the Nutrisystem promo codes. When I started Nutrisystem, I weighed a solid 362 pounds. When I weighed myself on the 12th of March, 2015 (a year after I started my diet plan) I weighed 278 pounds. I had lost 84 pounds in just a year! It seemed like a miracle, but I knew it was all discipline and Nutrisystem.

I was obviously not going to stop my journey and kept pushing myself to higher limits. Things got a lot easier for me once I was off of my wheelchair. I could walk again, which was a huge deal for me. I walked short distances at first. Being on Nutrisystem had already helped me control my fatigue, which meant I wouldn’t get tired easily. However, no matter how much stamina I had, my legs weren’t yet capable of walking much. Slowly and steadily, I could start walking normally again, and now I can jog too. The Nutrisystem protein shakes are my absolute favorites. My daily routine now is waking up and going for a jog in the morning, drinking my protein shake and showering. And then the regular Nutrisystem meals for the day bought using the Nutrisystem discount code of course.

I recently weight myself in December 2015, and I weighed at 231 pounds. It’s no longer about losing weight for me. I am close to my ideal weight, but I continue my Nutrisystem diet to keep my weight in check. However, I do eat out more often than I used to but try sticking to the healthier food options. But honestly, my favorite part about being on the Nutrisystem diet is telling my girlfriend how much money I save through Nutrisystem promo codes. It’s a weird quirk of mine, but she loves it.

Initial weight = 362 pounds

Current weight = 231 pounds

Weight lost = 131 pounds

Was the transition hard?

Going from eating fast food almost twice everyday to proper food was a bit difficult, but the food on the Nutrisystem diet plan was easy to get used to. Their diet includes a variety of food, including a dessert for you every night! I love their Chocolate Brownie Sundaes and Ice Cream Sandwiches. Their breakfasts and snacks are my favorite. Apart from staple food, they also include delights like pizzas, burgers, Fudge Graham Bar (FOR LUNCH!!). Since I never really got tired or bored of their meals, the transition was pretty simple! Knowing that I am eating to lose weight was a huge inspiration. All I had to work on was my discipline to not give in to temptations. The money I saved through Nutrisystem coupons was also a good motivation.

Getting on Nutrisystem Diet Plan was undoubtedly been the wisest decision I have ever made. It helped me crawl back from the world of obesity and I no longer hate my body. I am finally in a happy place in my life and I am thankful to Nutrisystem for all of it. If I can do it, so can you!